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Email me or use the form below to send me a message, question about the artwork, or a request to buy a specific piece. 

Message me

Thanks for reaching out

  • Where can I find or buy your artwork?
    You can email or message me above to make a purchase or you can reach out to one of the stores in Chicago where I sell my work: Wolfbat & B-Girls, Sacred Art, or A Paperish mess.
  • Do you sell prints of your artwork?
    Yes! Send me a message and let me know which item you'd like a print for and we'll figure out a size and price from there. You can even purchase a print of original artwork that has been sold.
  • Can you make a CTA Station sign for my station?
    Yes! Shoot me a message and let me know which CTA stop you want, along with the size you'd like and we'll work out the color and timing to get it done.
  • Can you ship art purchases and how much does it cost?
    Yes! I can ship anywhere in the United States. Shipping costs vary depending on the size and weight of the overall package being shipped. I'll let you know how much shipping costs before I charge your card so you'll have a total price.
  • Are all purchases final? Can I get a refund?
    For the most part, all purchases are final. However, if you have a piece shipped or locally delivered and there is a problem with it such as damage or some other issue with the piece itself, I will happily take it back and refund your money. However, I will not refund the purchase if if a customer receives a piece and just don't like it once you see it in person. I'm happy to send customers extra photos before purchases so they get a good idea of the size, color and style of the piece they want to buy.
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