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Steve Shay aka Citizenshay

CitizenShay is Steve Shay, a self-taught artist of sorts.  While he has no formal art training, Steve has studied and works at a graphic designer with a focus on information and interaction design. He believes that information can become art, tell a story, and create emotion. This belief led Steve to start experimenting with his own mixed-media art pieces in 2004.


The first pieces Steve created were small collages and some pieces made to look like Chicago CTA “L” Subway station signs. His CTA station sign artwork  first got Steve local recognition by galleries and the press alike. The “L” station signs have been featured in various digital and print publications such as Daily Candy, Etsy, Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun Times, ArtSlant, GapersBlock, The Reader, and RedEye.

Steve is constantly experimenting and learning various techniques, creating pieces of work using a variety of mediums like acrylic paint, pen, paper, wood, photography and all sorts of vintage ephemera. 

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